Who We Are


We are not a consigner for items that we know nothing about. We are not an operator or vendor looking to unload our used, "as-is" arcade equipment. We are not one of the "basement dealers" who collect and flip junk from auctions. We are Jesters Amusements LLC, a Megatouch refurbishing company and coin-operated equipment dealer. We fill the gap between motivated buyers and high quality amusement equipment. Whether you're a homeowner looking to build an in-house gameroom for the family, or an operator looking for reliable machines for a commercial location, we seek to provide you with games that are clean and completely functional. We specialize in countertop/touchscreen games by Merit Industries and JVL, video games by Incredible Technologies (Golden Tee, Silver Strike Bowling, Big Buck Hunter, etc.), Midway (Hydro Thunder, Arctic Thunder, Killer Instinct, Mortal Kombat), GlobalVR, SEGA, Namco, Konami and ICE (Chexx Bubble Hockey), pinball machines by Williams, Bally and Stern, and various other equipment and associated parts. We sell only equipment for which we can provide knowledgeable technical support. Our Megatouch games go through an unparalled refurbishing process and are backed by a 1-YEAR WARRANTY. You may find a similar item elsewhere for less, but you will not find the same quality, value, knowledge and support that we have to offer.


Jesters Amusements LLC is owned and primarily operated by Ryan Miller in Cochranville, PA. What started as a fascination in arcade games has quickly developed over 10 years into a business that Ryan hopes will spread better equipment, knowledge, and ethics into an industry that is often labeled "dead." While the other coin-operated/amusement businesses have been going out of business -- defaulting on loans and customer promises, and leaving their giant warehouses to Sherrif Sales -- Ryan has kept his business small and manageable. In November, 2009, Jesters Amusements LLC had a huge reduction in overhead costs with the closing of our showroom. Since then, Jesters Amusements LLC has continued to see an increase in sales (over 80% of which are shipped) each quarter with hardly any advertising. We are a proud example of a small business that thrives against the tide of the economy and industry, by remaining efficient, ethical, and pursuent to the needs of our customers.




What We Do


Our business model and role in the industry is fairly simple. Manufacturers make new games, and distributors sell or lease them to operators. Operators place the games in restaurants, bars, stores and arcades and hope that the game pays for itself and turns a profit before age and wear makes the game too costly to maintain and operate. Sometimes there are other factors at play to determine when or why, but eventually the operator needs to sell a machine (usually "dumping" it at an auction) and put that money towards newer equipment.


But a used machine is a risky investment compared to when it was new; the ultimate reality is that the equipment has probably been abused in its 2-10 years of commercial service, probably hasn't been maintained as necessary, and is no longer under any sort of warranty. More modern arcade/bar equipment, similar to modern appliances, usually aren't built to last; most operators know this and are therefore wary to buy a machine that could quickly become a headache and/or a large paperweight.


This is where we come in. Through our connections with operators and distributors along the east coast, we are able to hand pick machines that we evaluate as having "good bones" (good cabinet, no "hack work"...). We then refurbish/prepare the machine as described below so that when we offer the machine for sale, we know that it is ready for a long life of operation...sometimes just as much as when it was sold new!





How We Do It


Megatouch games are our specialty, and are a prime example of being like modern appliances in that they "just don't build them like they used to." There are many different cabinet models in the Megatouch line-up, each with their own specific issues, but every Megatouch has common parts that WILL fail. We go above and beyond with every Megatouch by taking it apart piece by piece until we are down to the bare frame. We begin to clean the machine at this point, removing years of accumulated dust, stains, and odor. As we re-assemble the machine, we typically end up replacing most of the original components (hard drive, power supply, cooling fans, etc.) and service others (motherboard, display). We only put an original part back into a machine if it works like new...no exceptions. Because we know these machines inside and out, we are able to sell and ship them all over the country and offer technical support right over the phone when needed. We even provide a warranty that matches the original manufacturer warranty!


Video games are made by different manufacturers who use various hardware platforms, and we are experts in diagnosing and repairing the common flaws and failures in all the games that we sell. In most instances we do the repair work in-house, but sometimes we partner with the game or component manufacturers to make sure everything is to specification. In addition to the game electronics we also service (or replace) the monitor. We make sure the monitor has a good tube if it is a CRT, and no dead pixels/segments if it is an LCD. CRT monitors are still found in most video games, and many have failing components in the circuitry and visible burn-in on the tube. We also commonly find that the flyback transformer has had the output voltage turned up to a potentially harmful level to keep the monitor useable for just a little bit longer. We address all of these issues and will only sell a machine with a monitor that will last for at least several years. Last but not least, we replace buttons, switches, trackballs, T-molding, trim pieces, and sometimes more, depending on the game.


Pinball machines are similar to video games in that they have hardware platforms (or generations), but they also have an entire playfield full of unique mechanical and aesthetic parts. This often makes it difficult for us to refurbish pinball machines, as some parts are not available or are just not economical to replace (example: a small chip on a purely aesthetic $50 plastic). We always try to get pinball machines looking their best by waxing the playfield and replacing obvious bad rubbers and bulbs, but unless specified we do not fully refurbish or "shop them out." This allows us to offer the lowest prices and keep our inventory moving.



If you have any questions about us or what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us and ask!